Charles Woodmason
1720 - 1776

South Carolina Connection

Charles Woodmason lived in and around Charleston during the middle of his life.

Selected Bibliography
  • The Carolina Backcountry on the Eve of the Revolution; the Journal and Other Writings of Charles Woodmason, Anglican Itinerant, 1766
  • A Remonstrance Presented to the Commons House of Assembly of South Carolina, by the Upper Inhabitants of the said Province, November 1767 .


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Charles Woodmason was born sometime around 1720 in England, but nothing is known about his exact place of birth or his family. Around 1752 Woodmason moved to Charleston, South Carolina, but his wife and son did not follow. In the autumn of 1766, the newly ordained Anglican minister left the civilized society of Charleston to work in the back settlements of the province. Woodmason remained in the back country for six years, during which time he traveled and organized more than thirty widely scattered congregations. He rode constantly from settlement to settlement with the goal of baptizing, marrying, and preaching to settlers.

Charles Woodmason's writings present the daily life and thoughts of colonial frontier people. His writings reveal the settlement of the forested region, the conversion of the wilderness into small farms, and the strife among the national and local religious groups of the time. Eventually Woodmason moved to Virginia in 1772, and then back to England in 1774. No records exist of his later years of his death.

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