Drayton Mayrant
1892 -1969

South Carolina Connection

Ms. Mayrant was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She was the founding editor of the Summerville Forester.

Selected Bibliography

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  • Stories of Charleston Harbor, 1930
  • A Sword from Galway, 1948
  • The Running Thread, 1949
  • First the Blade, 1950
  • White Horse Leaping, (Poems) 1951
  • Courage is Not Given, 1952
  • The Red Doe, 1953
  • Always a River, 1956
  • Lamp in Jerusalem, 1957
  • The Land Before the Tempest, 1960


Katherine Drayton Mayrant Simons was born in Charleston, South Carolina, on January 21, 1892. She published her first work, Shadow Songs, in 1912, using the pen name Kadra Maysi. She continued using that pseudonym until the 1940's but began using her middle names, Drayton Mayrant, because many of her readers thought her pen name was Japanese. During this time of war, Mayrant worked as an American and French Red Cross worker during World War I and as a United States Army Air Forces radar warning worker during World War II. Mayrant also taught French for four years at Summerville High School in Summerville, South Carolina. In addition to writing many novels and plays, Mayrant also contributed short stories, poetry, and articles to the Saturday Evening Post and to the New York Times. She continued this work as an associate editor for the Summerville Journal and was the founding editor of the Summerville Forester. Mayrant maintained memberships in the South Carolina Historical Society and the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, and a presidency of the Poetry Society of South Carolina.