Cathy Smith Bowers
1949 -

South Carolina Connection

Cathy Smith Bowers was born in Lancaster County, South Carolina and attended Winthrop.

Selected Bibliography
  • The Love That Ended Yesterday in Texas, 1992
  • Traveling in the Time of Danger, 1999
  • A Book of Minutes, 2004


Cathy Smith Bowers was born in 1949 in Lancaster County. In 1972 Bowers graduated with a B.A. in English History, and then she earned a Masters of Arts and Teaching in 1976, both from Winthrop College. .She attended International Graduate Summer School at Exeter College, Oxford University in 1984 .In 1983 Bowers joined the faculty at Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she continues to work as Poet in Residence. Bowers has published two books of poetry, and her poems have also appeared in several publications, including The Georgia Review and The Atlantic Monthly."

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  • General Electric Award for Younger Writers , 1990
  • Texas Tech University Press First Book Award, 1992
  • Fuqua Distinguished Educator Award, 2003