Grace Beacham Freeman
1916 - 2002

South Carolina ConnectionGrace Beacham Freeman

Grace Beacham Freeman was born in Spartanburg and graduated from Converse Collegeand served as SC Poet Laureate from 1985-1986

Selected Bibliography
  • Children Are Poetry, 1951
  • What about the Rest of the Children?, 1968
  • No Costumes or Masks, 1975 Stars and the Land, 1983
  • This Woman Called Mother, 1992
  • Remembering a Gentle Father, 1996

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Grace Beacham Freeman was born Feb. 18, 1916 in Spartanburg, South Carolina to parents Henry O. Beacham and Grace Bailey Beacham.. She graduated from Converse College with a Bachelor's degree in English. . Over the years Freeman's poetry and writing appeared in several publications, including The Saturday Evening Post and Poet Love, as well as literary periodicals and anthologies.

Freeman was South Carolina's Poet Laureate from 1985 until 1986, and in 1993 she received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from St. Andrews Presbyterian College, in North Carolina. Freeman, her four children, and her husband, John, a professor at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, lived for many years in South Carolina. She died in October, 2002 in Brevard, N.C.

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