The Pioneers' Dinner
This Scrapbook

     When the planning committee for the Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information (held Oct. 23-25, 1998 in Pittsburgh, PA) began its work one of the principal objectives was to involve the pioneers of Information Science in as many aspects of the conference as possible.  This led us to invite about 30 pioneers to be our guests at a special dinner to be held the opening night of the conference.  We asked them to prepare brief remarks on a "memorable moment" in their career (or simply bring greetings).  Twenty individuals were able to attend the conference and made brief presentations.  The remarks they made were so interesting and varied that the planning committee felt they should be captured in some way.  A written invitation was issued to both those attending and those not able to attend to submit their remarks for inclusion in this special "scrapbook" Web page (and those that were received in time appear in the printed proceedings of the conference, to be published for the American Society of Information Science and the Chemical Heritage Foundation by Info Today, Fall, 1999).  We also asked each pioneer to send a couple of photographs that showed him or her during their working career and currently. 
     Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, some of the pioneers were not able to respond to our request for comments, though we still hope to hear from them and will add them to these Web pages.  For those who did respond, the following  pages reflect their individuality. They contain a few historical gems, speculations about the future of the field, and insight into what motivated their careers.  For those who responded to our specific request for a "memorable moment" in their careers, the stories they tell of a specific incident are not only  fascinating in the detail but also reveal glimpses of the larger scene that was developing as Information Science.

     We believe you will enjoy these stories--and the photographs-- and wish for more, which we hope to provide as other pioneers submit their comments. Those who would like to submit comments should contact Bob Williams at the University of South Carolina, College of Library and Info. Science, Columbia, SC 29208 or via e-mail


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