This Web page draws together a variety of different types of activities and projects related to the History of Information Science and technology as they have been documented on the World Wide Web. These projects and activities represent the work of organizations, associations, and, particularly, individual historians with an interest in the history of Information Science and technology. If you know of additional projects or activities that should be linked from this site please inform me, using the e-mail link provided below.

Bibliography of the History of Information Science and Technology, 1900-2012, 8th edition (2013)

This is a revised and updated "edition" of previous versions of this bibliography.  This edition combines the North American and international citations that were previously listed separately. 

Chronology of Chemical Information Science

Web version of a two-part poster on the topic. Funded by the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, and the Univ. of South Carolina College of Library and Info. Science. Originally published in 1999 and updated on this site.

Chronology of Information Science and Technology

Draft version created by Robert V. Williams, Jan., 2001. Includes links to images to some of the equipment and people mentioned.

Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems (1998)

     Conference sponsored by the Garfield Foundation, Chemical Heritage Foundation, and the National Science Foundation, Nov., 1998. Follow this link to the pdf version of the proceedings and information on how to order the print edition from Info Today, Inc.  

The History and Heritage of Scientific and Technological Systems: 2002 Conference

     Conference sponsored by the Garfield Foundation and the Chemical Heritage Foundation, held in 2002 in Philadelphia.Follow this link to a pdf version of the proceedings as well as information on how to purchase the print volume.

History of Information Science and Technology Digital Theatre
(Uses the Greenstone Digital Library software; click on HISTT icon and then select A-Z title list)  
Contains the following Videos:
       Calvin N. Mooers: A memorial video by his family (1996)
       Chemists and Questions (American Chemical Society, Div. of Chemical Information, 1984)
       Dialog: The 25th Anniversary (Knight Ridder and Thompson Publishing, 1995)
       Dr. Martin Cummings: An Interview (National Library of Medicine, 1971)
       The Medlars Story (National Library of Medicine, 1964)
       Putting Scientific Information to Work (ISI and Thompson Publishing, 1972)
       Watson Davis Photo Album (based on photographys provided by the Davis and Mooers families)
       Watson Davis Video Collection (based on home photography done by Watson Davis 1930s-1950s; many are of poor quality)

Pioneers of Information Science in North America Web site

Project funded by the American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T) and the Univ. of South Carolina School of Library and Info. Science to locate and document the archives and personal papers of individuals and organizations (predominantly in the USA and Canada) considered significant to the history of Information Science and Technology in the 20th century. Site originally created in 1996 and updated on a regular basis.

Termatrex Information Retrieval System Demonstration Video (15 minutes)
(Netscape users need to open Windows Media Player first and then type in URL).

What has Information Science contributed to the World? A Continuing Discussion
         (This page documents and continues the discussion initiated by Trudi Bellardo Hahn, ASIS&T
         President, 2002-2003, on the question of the types of contributions IS has made to the world.)

Links to other valuable history of Information Science and technology Web sites:

Michael Buckland (Univ. of California-Berkeley) History of Information Management page
Boyd Rayward's home page (with link to Paul Otlet information)
Babbage Institute

Chemical Heritage Foundation
ECHO (Exploring and Collecting History Online): Science and Technology
Thomas Hapke's History of Scientific Information and Communication
IEEE History Center
Internet Society History page
Sylvia Fayet Scribe's Chronologie des supports, des dispositifs spatiaux, des outils de repérage de l'information
The Virtual Museum of Computing

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