These "chapters" were written by students in CLIS 724 (Special Libraries and Information Centers) at the University of South Carolina College of Library and Information Science over the period 1999-2004, 2007.  Their assignment was to produce a chapter in a class-produced practical handbook on the management of special libraries and information centers.  These chapters are written from the perspective of the beginning special librarian and are intended to provide basic "how-to" instructions on dealing with the issue or problem addressed.  Additional chapters will be produced by students in other classes and will be posted here.

These chapters are the intellectual property of the authors.  The authors have granted permission for copying and downloading for individual and professional use by special librarians.   However, any additional use of these materials in any published form (including re-publication on the Web) must be by permission of the authors.  Most of the authors have included an e-mail address for contact purposes but if that does not work then you may contact me, Robert V. Williams, Professor at:  bobwill@sc.edu and I will be in touch with the authors.
A Bad Boss: How to Handle
            Abbey Gehman (2004)

Branding Your Library
        Ashley Layne (2007)

Budgets and Financial Management in Special Libraries
            Judith C. Dossett (2004)

Charge Backs, Use Fees, and other Cost Recovery Approaches in Special Libraries
          Deb Hayba

The Collection Development Planning Process
          Amy E. Fordham

Collection Development Policy: How to Write One
          Mary Catherine Carroll, 2007

Communicating with Upper Level Management
            Donna Jeanne McCloskey (2004)

Continuing Education as a Professional Responsibility
        Lara Z. Church

Copyright Issues in For-Profit Special Libraries: A Handbook for Non-Lawyers
        Carol P. Helgerson (2004)  ( See also her Powerpoint presentation )

Copyright Issues in Special Libraries
        Steve Davidson

Costing Library Services
       Dean W. Dibling (2007)

Designing a Corporate Intranet
          Jean Spoolstra

Dress Codes
          Raymond Neal

Ethics of Information Provision
          Misty Smith

Firing an Employee: Some Basics
            Latosha W. Craig (2004)

Grant Writing for Special Librarians and Archivists
            J. Drusilla Carter (2004)

Human Resource Management
          Kelly Blessinger

Instruction Issues in Special Libraries
        Laura J. Haverkamp and Kelly Coffey

Interviewing Potential Staff
        Shae Kristine Tetterton

Intranets and Special Libraries
        James A. Lamee

Library Committees in Special Libraries: Pro and Con
            Pamela Louise Shofner (2004)

Manager's Role: What is it in a Special Library?
       Katrina Cooks (2007)

Marketing Program
        John Hammond

Motivating and Evaluating Staff
         Kathy Arnold

Negotiating Online Service Contracts
       Candace Moorer (2007)

 Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harrassment Policy Guidelines
       Ralph J. Waldvogel, III (2007)

Non-traditional Jobs for Special Librarians
         Susanna Weaver

Online Vendor Selection
       Sean King

        Judi Brown and Joellen Fletcher

Pre-marketing: Analysis of Information Needs
         Tracey Booth

Print vs. Electronic Resources in Special Libraries
            Shanna Schaffer (2004)

Promoting Special Library Services
         Aimee Berry

Social Software/Web 2.0: What is it?
       Lynda Brown (2007)

Space Planning for a Special Library
       Morgan Montgomery (2007)

Staff Selection, Hiring and Interviewing
          Chris Witkin

Starting a Special Library from Scratch
          Ginger Roth

Supervising Experienced Staff: Tips for Inexperienced Managers
            Jennifer Hughes (2004)

        Stacy Knight

Time Management
          Karen Patterson

Valuing Special Libraries: A Definition
           Carol Lynn Price (2004)

Web 2.0 and Special Libraries
             Andrea Wright (2007)