This "scrapbook" contains the reflections and comments of some of the "pioneers" of Information Science who were invited to a dinner in their honor at the 1998 Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems, held in Pittsburgh, PA, Oct. 23-25. These pages contain their career reflections, and contemporary and historic photographs. 

More About these Pages and the Pionners Dinner
Dale B. Baker Everett Brenner
Helen L. Brownson Lee Burchinal
Robert Lee Chartrand Eric J. Coates
Pauline A. Cochrane Melvin S. Day
Thomas F. Deahl Robert A. Fairthorne
Douglas Foskett Eugene Garfield
Madeline M. Henderson Eugene B. Jackson
Allen Kent Fredrick G. Kilgour
Donald W. King David A. Kronick
F. Wilfrid Lancaster J. Mills
Herbert Ohlman Claire Schultz
Winifred Sewell Roger Summit
Robert S. Taylor Brian Campbell Vickery
Isaac D. Welt Herbert S. White
Magda Whitrow

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