Bob's Alaska Fishing Vacation,
June 2-6, 2010

My California nephew, David, invited me to join him and his Southern California fishing buddies on a 5 day fishing vacation at the Pybus Point Lodge, Admiralty Island, Alaska. There were 11 of us in the group and we occupied three small boats (a relative description since each boat was equipped with two 300 HP engines (each at $15,000 in cost), each withs its own captain to find the location, choose the best bait, and get back to the lodge from the myriad islands in the Inner Passage of Alaska. We were fishing for whatever would bite but the main objectives were King Salmon and halibut. The King Salmon were very rare (only two were caught by the three boats in 5 days of fishing; our boat captain said it was a bit early for them) but the halibut (which are a close relative of flounder but usually much larger) were biting fairly well. We also caught some yellow-eye (a beautiful fish with bright orange scales and yellow eyes), spine-backs (an ugly fish with not much meat on it), and lingcod (a long, narrow fish but good to eat).

The Pybus Point Lodge is a beautiful spot and the only private land (about 30 acres) on Admiralty Island, the 7th largest island in the US and a national historic trust property.

Here are some pictures of our adventure

Super Otter pontoon plane, used to get from Juneau to the lodge

This is a Super Otter pontoon plane that we used to fly from Junea
to the lodge (about 40 mins. north and west from Juneau). Holds 10
passengers + pilot and co-pilot + luggage + lots of beer.

Pbyus Point Lodge

Note the snow on the mountains! Yes, it was cold but only when raining.

Pybus Point Lodge dining room

Pybus Point Lodge dining room. Note the beautiful hand-made
table with various kinds of in-laid woods and marble. The food the lodge
served was super good: salmon, shrimp, Alaska dungeness crab,
and lots more.

Pybus Point Lodge dining room and fishing crew

This is part of the fishing crew and some of the lodge staff in the lodge
dining room.

Sea Lions, Alaska Inner Passage

Sea lions, lots of them. They are beautiful but they are fish-eating machines!

Alaska's oldest lighthouse

Alaska's oldest lighthouse, now privately owned but with the
light still operating, located in the Inner Passage.

Largest halibut caught

This is a shot of the largest halibut, 313 pounds, caught by the group of 11 during the five days
of fishing. I DID NOT catch this fish, unfortunately! Catching this fish enabled all of us
to bring home about 50 pounds each of frozen fish .

My largest halibut

Not much of a comparison with the big one above but I was proud
of this one (I caught about 4 halibut in the five days), about 15 pounds.
Nephew David Williams on the right. David is a big-time fisherman,
hunter, and frequently visits South Carolina for deer hunting.

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