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    MBFW is a global organization that holds about 10 fashion weeks worldwide each year. This year I got to be apart of one of them.

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    The fashion industry is always one step ahead. The fall/winter shows are held in the spring, and the spring/summer shows are held in the fall.

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    Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week keeps up with fans and followers through social media and with the hashtag #MBFW. They have over 280K followers on Twitter.

I'm so glad you're here

Hello! My name is Alana and I'm a fourth year public relations major here at USC. This website and final project is dedicated to my time spent at New York Fashion Week this September. It was a tough week full of long hours and hard work, but I wouldn't have changed this experience for the world! Click through to see what I had to endure while at NYFW.*


Preview of what happened during my time at fashion week:

  1. 6 Shows
  2. Countless Check-In Sheets
  3. 1 pair of amazing shoes to get me through it all

*This project is not affiliated with the company I interned with or NYFW.

NYFW Checklist

  • No sleep–
              Dark circles are in, right?
  • Comfortable shoes–
               Who can  run in heels all day?
  • All black everything–
              Because duh.
  • Confidence–
              "You're not on the list."

  • Charged cellphone–
              "Wait, 18%?!"
Design: TEMPLATED Images: Unsplash (CC0)